Glue makes your manual data tasks quick and repeatable.
Glue is a drag and drop tool that helps you create data workflows. We have pre-built components to input, output, join, transform and explore your data. You can also build and customize your own components to take full control of the process.
Drag and Drop
Glue's drag and drop interface is intuitive, easy to use and speeds up data pipeline development.
Input / Output
Connect, configure and save connections to a variety of popular data sources.
5+ Transformations
Transform, filter and join your data using configurable transformation nodes.
Dry / Full Run Modes
Dry run a sample of your data through as you build out your graph. When your graph is ready, process all records.
Custom Python Lambdas
Write custom python code to transform data that is harder to deal with using the pre-built transformers.
Node Templates
Configure any node and save it as a template for later use in any graph.
Data Explorer
At any node select the data explorer to cache the full data set on the next run. After a run, select the data explorer to play around with the full data set.
Schedules & Run history
Run graphs on a schedule, initiate one of executions and manage run history.
Editor sessions
Dedicated editor sessions, server telemetry and customizable runtime machines.
Multiple Graphs & Settings
Create, update and delete multiple graphs and configure the graph editor runtime and layout settings.